An eye-witness account

After seven weeks in quarantine people still don’t understand that staying at home or wearing a mask can save a human life. People are still buying far too much as if we are all going to die soon. People are buying so much toilet paper, flour and hand sanitizer, so that other people have to go to other stores or have to be the first to get into the store to have a chance to get some at all!

But that is not the important part. The important part is that everything has changed. There aren’t any big celebrations, events or parties – everything feels so unreal, because the streets, malls and schools have never been so empty before, because it's not allowed to meet up with more than two people at a time. Even though it’s not recommended to go outside people still go outside with somebody else and are having fun because of the good weather.

But in the past few days the weather has been bad which is actually a good thing because maybe then people will understand staying at home is actually not that bad. But not all people go outside – some are enjoying being at home.

Since all schools are closed many students don’t know how to act or what to do. Even though we get homework most of us just watch Netflix or TikTok and are not doing the homework we are supposed to do, which is understandable because we can decide when to do the homework. And when we have too much free time we’d rather do something more fun than schoolwork.

Sandra Novik, 8b