Corona – almost a poetry slam

the year had just started and there was a message in the news,
about a newly discovered virus called covid-19 or coronavirus.

The world thought nothing about it,
the virus would surely stay in China where it had come from
– but no, the world was mistaken.

Shortly afterwards, the first cases appeared in Italy and the USA
and immediately led to the first casualties.

Because the virus was sometimes life-threatening and highly contagious,
many governments, including the German government,
decided to implement as many measures as possible.

First, air traffic was stopped
and thousands of tourists were brought back from their vacations.
People were only supposed to approach each other up to a distance of 1.5 meters
to avoid further infections.

Shortly after this, the school children were no longer allowed to go to school
and all shops, restaurants and hotels had to be closed.

The people who were able to work from home were asked to do so.
No one was allowed to go outside in groups and everyone was supposed to stay at home as much as possible.

The economy was shut down.
This sometimes had serious consequences
because many lost their jobs or made no sales.

Everyone in the media and in politics was discussing the topic
and tried to find new solutions to the problem,
but because everyone was in the same boat
and no one had precise information,
this so-called “lockdown” lasted longer and longer
and nobody knew when and how it would be lifted.

Nina Karrasch, 8b