Looking back at the time of the corona pandemic...

The coronavirus started in late 2019 in China. The USA were the country with the most infected people. By the end of April 2020 around 1 042 000 people were infected, 61,200 people had died and 124 000 people had recovered. In Germany "only" 162 000 people were infected at the time and 123 500 of them had already recovered.

The coronavirus or covid-19 was a new virus. The symptoms were a bit like the flu, but it was a lung disease. We had to take many protective measures such as wearing face masks or keeping a distance of 1.5 meters between ourselves and other people. All schools, playschools, restaurants and shops were closed for a while. We were only allowed to meet one other person outside at a time, unless you went outside with the people you lived in a flat with, i.e. the people who belonged to your household. Furthermore, you couldn't travel. Our class trip was cancelled too.

All these restrictions were so horrible, because you couldn't see your friends for such a long time. I often went for a walk with some friends, because it was so boring. Our teachers were sending us many tasks, which we had to work on, but it was very difficult not to be distracted.

On the one hand I liked the quarantine, because I became better friends with some people than before the quarantine and I didn't have to get up so early. On the other hand I didn't like it, because I couldn't see some of my best friends and I had so much to do.

Luisa Kurz, 8b

This time was a special time. During this time we couldn't go outside, because the risk of infection was too high. Schools and supermarkets had to close to protect themselves and others from the virus. The people who were infected with the virus had to go into quarantine for two weeks and were not allowed to meet anyone or go shopping themselves. Their friends then had to do this for them. The family members could also put something to eat outside the door so that people in quarantine had something to eat. The indirect contact meant that others could not get infected. After some time wearing face masks became mandatory in buses and trains and people became more aware of having to pay attention to the health of others. The researchers have been researching a cure for the virus for a long time but nothing has yet been discovered.

Christian Vrind, 8b