My corona days

Hello, my name is Luis and today I’ll talk about what I did during the last two months since the corona time started. At first I was actually very happy that we would have to spend the weeks to come at home. When the first week without actual classes started we got emails with exercises and from Mrs Malan exercises on moodle. For me it was much more enjoyable to get exercises on moodle for one week than have exercises for the whole 5 weeks because I couldn't organize it as well as the moodle tasks.

Most days I woke up at 8 or 9 o’clock and did some tasks for school. Then I played video games and watched TV, but I actually also went outside very often to ride my bike. Some days I didn’t do anything because I was so bored from doing nothing else than school work and playing on my gaming console. Most of the tasks we got were very easy and funny for example writing a dialogue on Whatsapp or doing new Maths stuff. When I was at my mom's flat we went for many walks because we didn't have a garden and I hate long walks. But all in all it was a very interesting experience at home.

Luis Legenbauer, 8b

It's corona time. During corona time I usually wake up at 10 o’clock and first I check my mails and answer them and my friends in the chats. Then I call a good friend of mine (Luisa) and we chat a lot in the morning. With her my morning starts and I get ready for the day. Then I go downstairs to the kitchen and make my breakfast. When the breakfast is ready I go upstairs to my room and eat alone because my parents are at work. After eating I do some tasks for school. The tasks are normally quite much so I usually spend an hour in the morning doing them.

After that Luisa and I often go outside with our dogs or we chill outside. After this I come home and eat something with my mom and my brothers. My dad is still at work at this time. After eating I go to my room and chat with my friends. Quarantine is hard for me because I can’t see my friends often and I miss them so much. In the afternoon I go outside into our garden and sometimes play hockey. At night I do some more homework and that’s my day at times of corona.

Emma Schulte, 8b